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Educational Inequalities and School Violence
National Council for Black Studies Annual Conference (NCBS) (2011)
  • Laura E. Agnich, Georgia Southern University
Inequalities in the educational system and the inequalities of life-chances that they produce have long been studied by social scientists. How educational inequalities affect school violence is also an important area of study, as the negative consequences of violence are wide-ranging and affect individuals, schools, communities and entire nations. School violence and educational inequalities are global problems, and their relationship is rarely studied cross-nationally. Cross-national research is important and necessary to identify patterns that are generalizable across nations and to determine what macro-level characteristics of schools and nations predict violence.

In this study I examine the predictors of school violence cross-nationally using hierarchical linear modeling, a method of multi-level linear analysis, of 2007 Trends in International Math and Science Studies (TIMSS) data augmented with data from UN Human Development Reports and the World Health Organization Mortality Database. Hierarchical linear modeling (HLM) takes into account the nested structure of data, and this study examines schools nested within nations. I operationally define violence as a continuum of aggression ranging from non-physical to physical, incorporating low-level as well as more serious forms of interpersonal violence. I find that educational inequalities at both the school and national levels predict higher levels of violence within schools. The implication of this study for policy at the school and national levels is that providing equality of opportunities for students to learn and reducing educational inequalities will lower rates of school violence, improving the learning process for all students.
  • Educational inequalities,
  • School violence
Publication Date
March 17, 2011
Cincinnati, OH
Citation Information
Laura E. Agnich. "Educational Inequalities and School Violence" National Council for Black Studies Annual Conference (NCBS) (2011)
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