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Lifelong Learning in Social Work: A Qualitative Exploration with Social Work Practitioners, Students, and Field Instructors
Advances in Social Work
  • Pauline Jivanjee, Portland State University
  • Kimberly D. Pendell, Portland State University
  • Laura Nissen, Portland State University
  • Charlotte Goodluck, Portland State University
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  • Social work education -- United States,
  • Social Work -- education,
  • Continuing education
In the context of rapid change in social work practice related to policy, research findings, and theoretical developments, faculty are challenged to prepare students to engage in lifelong learning, a concept that has not been well-articulated in social work education. This article reports on an exploratory study of students,' social workers,' and field instructors' perspectives and experiences of lifelong learning. Based on focus group discussions, findings reveal the multi-faceted nature of lifelong learning, the personal characteristics and motivations of lifelong learners, and the roles of social work faculty and workplace environments in supporting learning. Implications address the roles of instructors and social work programs in giving students and social workers tools and opportunities to engage in continuous learning and professional growth.

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JIvanjee, P., Pendell, K., Nissen, L., & Goodluck, C. (2016). Lifelong learning in social work: A qualitative exploration with social work practitioners, students, and field instructors. Advances in Social Work 16(2), 260-275.