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Unit Testing Considered Useful
Computing in Science & Engineering
  • George K. Thiruvathukal, Loyola University Chicago
  • Konstantin Läufer, Loyola University Chicago
  • Benjamin Gonzalez
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IEEE Computer Society

Testing is an important part of application development. Hardware engineers, in particular, have a long established history of testing for the obvious reason that it's awfully hard to rebuild a microprocessor every time a bug pops up in the design stage--not to mention the enormous headaches such bugs generate on the software side.


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G. K. Thiruvathukal, K. Laufer and B. Gonzalez, "Unit Testing Considered Useful," in Computing in Science & Engineering, vol. 8, no. 6, pp. 76-87, Nov.-Dec. 2006. doi: 10.1109/MCSE.2006.124