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About Lasantha Bernard Perera

I am a Lecturer attached to the School of Engineering Systems at the Queensland University of Technology. My academic areas and research interests are Power Electronic Converters and Control, Power Electronic Applications in Power Systems, High Voltage Power Equipment and Condition Monitoring, Power Equipment Testing, Failure Mode Analysis of High Power Electrical Apparatus, and Electrical Insulation Materials and Dielectrics. I started my career in academia as an Assistant Lecturer at the University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka upon completion of my B.Sc.Eng majoring Electrical Engineering from the Uinversity of Moratuwa. In 2003, I was awarded a Commonwealth Scholarship by the Government of New Zealand to read for my Ph.D. I carried out my doctoral research on “multi level voltage and current reinjection ac/dc converters for HVDC, a novel concept in the sphere of Power Electronics and Power System Harmonics. These research findings have paved the way to develop a combination of multi-level conversion, soft switching and re-injection concepts through forced clamping or forced blocking of the power electronic switches.
In addition to teaching, I undertake research supervision at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. I would always like to be a part of a growing intellectual community where there is constant exchange and stimulation of inter-disciplinary ideas. I have a great desire to enrich and add new knowledge to the field of Electrical Power Engineering with a view to opening novel avenues for further research and study. I believe that when competent professionals and academics of great potential interact, intellectually stimulating projects could emerge. Thus, their impact would be greater in the research findings and would add to the corpus of knowledge.


Present Lecturer, Queensland University of Technology

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Contact Information

School of Engineering Systems,
Queensland University of Technology,
2, George Street,
Gardens Point,
Brisbane 4001,


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