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About Dr Lasantha G Meegahapola

Dr Lasantha Meegahapola received his BSc. Eng. degree in Electrical Engineering (First Class) from the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka in 2006, and his PhD degree from Queen's University of Belfast, UK in 2010. His doctoral study was based on the investigation of power system stability issues with high wind penetration, and research was conducted in collaboration with EirGrid (Republic of Ireland-TSO). In addition, he conducted extensive research studies on coordinated reactive power dispatch during steady-state and dynamic/transient conditions for networks with high wind penetration. He was a visiting researcher in the Electricity Research Centre, University College Dublin, Ireland (2009/2010). Currently he is employed as a lecturer at the RMIT University, Melbourne. He is a member of IEEE and IEEE Power Engineering Society (PES)
Field of Study:
Renewable power generation, power system stability, power quality issues with renewable power generation, voltage and reactive power control, intelligent approaches in power systems
Professional Activities and Affiliations:
• Member of the Integral Energy Power Quality and Reliability Centre
• Member of the IEEE
• Member of the IEEE Power Engineering Society (PES)
Current Research Students:
Athmi Jayawardena : Aggregate Modelling and Network Support Through Microgrids
Amila Wickramasinghe : Development of stability enhancement strategies to compensate for increased renewable energy penetration in power grids
Dao Hoang Vu : Limitations of Wind Power Penetration in Electricity Grid Systems
Devinda Perera : Power Quality Management in Distribution Systems
Yingjie Tan : Wind-solar Hybrid Remote Area Power Supply Systems


Present Lecturer, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, RMIT University, Melbourne, University of Wollongong

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