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About Lars Vilhuber

Dr. Lars Vilhuber has an undergraduate degree in Economics from Universität Bonn, Germany, and a Ph.D. in Economics from Université de Montréal, Montreal, Canada. He has worked in both research and government. He has consulted with government and statistical agencies in Canada and the United States.

His interest in statistical disclosure limitation issues is a consequence of his other research interest: working with highly detailed longitudinally linked data to analyze the effects and causes of mass layoffs, worker mobility, and the dynamics of the local labor market.

He is presently on the faculty of the Department of Economics at Cornell University, a Senior Research Associate at the ILR School at Cornell University, Ithaca, Executive Director of ILR’s Labor Dynamics Institute, and affiliated with the U.S. Census Bureau (Center for Economic Studies, CES).

Over the years, he has also gained extensive expertise on the data needs of economists and other social scientists, having been involved in the creation and maintenance of several data systems designed with analysis, publication, replicability, and maintenance of large-scale code bases in mind.


2014 - Present Senior Research Associate, U.S. Census Bureau ‐ Center for Economic Studies, LEHD Program
2011 - Present Executive Director, Cornell University ILR School Labor Dynamics Institute
2007 - Present Economist, Senior Research Associate, Cornell University ILR School
2007 - Present Vice-President, ACES-Research, LLC

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