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Political Support for Regional Government in the 1990s: Growing in the Suburbs?
Urban Affairs Quarterly (1993)
  • Peter J Haas, San Jose State University
  • Larry N Gerston
Regional government, in its various forms, has long been advocated as a necessary condition, for addressing the problems that plague modern urban areas with multiple jurisdictions. Political support for regional approaches has been scant, however, particularly among residents of suburban areas who ostensibly covet the political independence of their suburban municipalities. The authors present the results of a survey of likely voters in a suburban area, Santa Clara County in California, and find widespread support for regional governance. Support for regional approaches was consistent for both general and specific measures and did not vary considerably among demographic subgroups. The authors link this support to the perceived growth of urban problems in the vicinity, such as congestion and pollution.
  • regional,
  • government,
  • political,
  • support
Publication Date
September, 1993
Citation Information
Peter J Haas and Larry N Gerston. "Political Support for Regional Government in the 1990s: Growing in the Suburbs?" Urban Affairs Quarterly Vol. 29 Iss. 1 (1993)
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