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School-based Smoking Prevention with Media Literacy: A Pilot Study
Journal of Media Literacy Education
  • Melinda C. Bier
  • Spring J. Schmidt
  • David Shields
  • Lara Zwarun
  • Stephen Sherblom
  • Brian Primack
  • Cynthia Pulley
  • Billy Rucker

School-based tobacco prevention programs have had limited success reducing smoking rates in the long term. Media literacy programs offer an innovative vehicle for delivery of potentially more efficacious anti-tobacco education. However, these programs have been neither widely implemented nor well evaluated. We conducted a pre-post evaluation of a cross-disciplinary tobacco media literacy program. The sample consisted of 204 students across six schools. Results indicated that students’ smoking-specific media literacy and general media literacy measures increased significantly over the course of the intervention.

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Melinda C. Bier, Spring J. Schmidt, David Shields, Lara Zwarun, et al.. "School-based Smoking Prevention with Media Literacy: A Pilot Study"
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