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Unpublished Paper
The Devaluation of the Library Degree_Konata.pdf
In the library . . . . (2016)
  • La Loria Konata
As a seventeen year veteran librarian, I've often thought about the skills needed to be an effective librarian. In recent years, some libraries have changed the academic requirement of what qualifies someone to be a professional librarian. Instead of the Masters of Library Science degree which has been the terminal degree to work as a professional librarian, another advanced degree is being used to fulfill that requirement. Here are my thoughts on the matter in this working paper.
  • Librarianship,
  • MLIS,
  • Diversity,
  • Librarian,
  • Professional
Publication Date
Summer August 3, 2016
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La Loria Konata. "The Devaluation of the Library Degree_Konata.pdf" In the library . . . . (2016)
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