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Complete Civilization: A systemic Way of Life
Shaikshik Parisamvad - International Journal of Education (2011)
  • Lajwanti, Dr.(Mrs.), Dayalbagh Educational Institute

Civilization is complex system, which could be divided into three level of civilization consisting of physical, mental and spiritual levels. Physical level is mainly consisting of agricultural, Industrial, medical and constructional sub-systems. Mental level of civilization is consisting of educational, professional, value sub-system. Spiritual level of civilization is highest level, mental civilization is middle and physical civilization is the lowest level in the hierarchy of complex civilization system. In this paper, system to sub-system to components approach is used to explain the concepts of civilization for each level. For the complete civilization, it is necessary to civilize the human being at all levels of physical, mental and spiritual. This concept is explained in the light of system theory.

  • Civilization,
  • sysem approach,
  • spiritual civilization
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Lajwanti. "Complete Civilization: A systemic Way of Life" Shaikshik Parisamvad - International Journal of Education Vol. 1 Iss. 2 (2011)
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