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Women Empowerment: Relevance and Approach
Quest of Bharateeya Shikshan (2004)
  • Lajwanti, Dr.(Mrs.), Dayalbagh Educational Institute

Women’s empowerment is a global issue and discussions of women’s rights are at the forefront of many formal and informal campaigns world wide. Empowerment is an active, multidimensional process which enables women to realize their full identity and powers in all spheres of life. Empowerment is a process and is not, therefore, something that can be given to people. The process of empowerment is both individual and collective, since it is through involvement in groups that people most often begin to develop their awareness and the ability to organize to take action and bring about change. Women’s empowerment can be viewed as a continuum of several interrelated and mutually reinforcing components.

Publication Date
September, 2004
Citation Information
Lajwanti. "Women Empowerment: Relevance and Approach" Quest of Bharateeya Shikshan (2004)
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