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Dietary guidelines for health - where do herbs and spices fit?
Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences - Papers (Archive)
  • Linda C Tapsell, University of Wollongong
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Tapsell, L. C. (2008). Dietary guidelines for health - where do herbs and spices fit?. Nutrition Today, 43 (4), 132-137.

Food sustains the human body by delivering components to participate in its processes, systems, and composition. Aligning the study of food components to those of human systems enables a mechanistic understanding of the effects of foods. The impact of food is complex in that it delivers multiple molecules that impact on these pathways at a number of different levels, and this effect is gradually being exposed with detailed mechanistic studies using food extracts. Specific reference should be given to herbs and spices as a separate food category in dietary guidelines because * a very high concentration of phenolics in herbs may increase the antioxidant capacity of the meal with just a few grams of the food. * there is supportive evidence of mechanisms by which compounds in herbs and spices may afford protection against oxidative and inflammatory mechanisms. * herbs and spices are plant foods, aligned to food groups such as fruits, vegetables, and seeds but are used differently in the culinary sense.
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Linda C Tapsell. "Dietary guidelines for health - where do herbs and spices fit?" (2008) p. 132 - 137
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