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Iridium-Nitrogen Bond Cleavage in the Photolysis of Carbonylnitrosylbis( tripheny1phosphine)iridium
Inorganic Chemistry (1984)
  • Mitsuru Kubota, Harvey Mudd College
  • L. Keith Woo, Harvey Mudd College
  • Michael K. Chan, Harvey Mudd College
The identification of metal isocyanate (M-NCO) species
on metal surfaces has led to the proposal of their involvement
as intermediates in the metal-catalyzed pollution removal
reaction of nitric oxide and carbon monoxide as ammonia and
carbon dioxide.' A homogeneous model for isocyanate formation
from the interaction of CO and NO at a metal site
is reaction l.
Publication Date
June, 1984
Publisher Statement
Reprinted (adapted) with permission from Inorganic Chemistry 23 (1984): 1636, doi: 10.1021/ic00180a002. Copyright 1984 American Chemical Society.
Citation Information
Mitsuru Kubota, L. Keith Woo and Michael K. Chan. "Iridium-Nitrogen Bond Cleavage in the Photolysis of Carbonylnitrosylbis( tripheny1phosphine)iridium" Inorganic Chemistry Vol. 23 Iss. 12 (1984) p. 1636 - 1638
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