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Gender differences in education and labour market outcomes
Learning Matters (2004)
  • Kylie Hillman, ACER
  • Sheldon Rothman, ACER
Despite numerous changes in policy and legislation, issues of gender equity in the Australian education system and labour market remain a concern, particularly the poorer performance of males on tests of literacy and in rates of Year 12 completion. The results of research on the topic are summarised in this article. They suggest that although there is a statistically significant difference between the average levels of reading comprehension of male and female students, this difference may not extend beyond the classroom to seriously affect later outcomes. Males on average continue to progress, through both the education system and the labour force, to better-paid occupations than their female counterparts.
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Kylie Hillman and Sheldon Rothman. "Gender differences in education and labour market outcomes" Learning Matters Vol. 9 Iss. 2 (2004)
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