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The Green Job Engine in Portugal
Regsa International Renewable Energy Conference (2013)
  • Kyle Herman

Renewable energy technology has come under fierce criticism around the world through the duration of the Global Financial Crisis. Opponents of a state-oriented renewable energy policy infer that the high cost of such technology has negative macroeconomic effects on the economy. This paper investigates the broader economic effects of renewable energy policy in Portugal. Research indicates the government has built cohesive renewable energy policy to foster a strong network of jobs and technologies in the industry. The Wind Energy Industrial Cluster, an innovation centre to drive wind energy technology, is an example of government policy which has fostered strong industrial growth in renewable energy. The broader effects of this policy are examined here, most importantly the amount of highly-skilled jobs created. First, government policy to encourage renewable energy development is examined. Subsequently the Wind Energy Industrial Cluster is introduced and analysed. Finally, it is shown how clear and unambiguous government policy can successfully incubate renewable energy technology while also creating highly skilled and permanent jobs.

  • portuguese renewables,
  • green job growth,
  • sustainable economics,
  • renewable energy policy
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Kyle Herman. "The Green Job Engine in Portugal" Regsa International Renewable Energy Conference (2013)
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