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About Kyle Herman

My research investigates the innovation responses of countries and firms to global, domestic, and regional climate and environmental policies. It takes a global political economy approach in that global institutions (World Bank, IMF, UN, WTO, OECD) figure prominently in setting the stage for climate change policy, and in turn innovations in clean technologies often are seen to increase at more rapid rates. I work with data on patents, R&D, policy proxies, knowledge-stock, as well as country-level political efficacy proxies (for example, World Bank Governance Indicators).


Present Master of Arts, PhD Candidate, University of San Francisco
Present PhD Student at Rutgers University, Rutgers University
Present United Nations Consultant, Rutgers University

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

Clean-tech innovation, renewable energy policy (Europe, US, South America), Government Policy, United Nations Negotiations, IFC, WB, WTO, Trade Policy

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Honors and Awards

  • Kyle has worked with the United Nations in Geneva and New York from 2011-2014 as part of the Expert Working Group on the Framework Convention of Climate Negotiations (UNFCCC), which will culminate with a hopeful global agreement in Paris in December 2015. In New York he worked for the Council for Global Security and Governance (CGSG), a private arm of the UN integrating multinational companies into the decision-making and investments for climate policies; he also worked with Greenmax Capital Advisors in Brooklyn, in partnership with the International Finance Corporation, to develop clean-tech programs in South America. In 2011 after gaining a Masters in International Studies from the University of San Francisco, Kyle spearheaded lobbying for logical EU-wide renewable energy policies in Brussels and Denmark under the auspices of the International Network for Sustainable Energy (INFORSE). Since 2012, he has increased his global presence in the clean-tech innovation network via his own non-profit, The Coalition for Renewable Energy, which researches and presents evidence for successful implementation of country-wide clean-tech programs around the world.

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