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Students’ quality of mathematical discussion and their self-determination in mathematics.
Investigations in Mathematics Learning (2012)
  • Karl W Kosko, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
  • Jesse LM Wilkins, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Mathematical discussion allows for students to reflect upon math concepts and understand such concepts at a deeper level. This process of reflection requires a certain amount of internalization on the part of the student. This internalization is facilitated by meeting the needs of autonomy, competence, and relatedness as advocated by Self-Determination Theory. The current study provides evidence of a relationship between fulfillment of these psychological needs and the quality of mathematical discussion students report they engage in. Correlational analyses and structural equation modeling of data from 176 high school Geometry students were conducted to examine this relationship. Results support the claims of a connection between fulfillment of students’ autonomy, competence, and relatedness and their reported engagement in mathematical discussion.
  • Self-Determination Theory,
  • Math Discussion,
  • Mathematical Autonomy
Publication Date
Spring 2012
Citation Information
Karl W Kosko and Jesse LM Wilkins. "Students’ quality of mathematical discussion and their self-determination in mathematics." Investigations in Mathematics Learning Vol. 4 Iss. 3 (2012)
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