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Protecting Civilians in La Cote d’Ivoire: Addressing Unanswered Questions
  • Emmanuel Kwesi Aning
  • Samuel Atuobi
  • Naila Salihu
This policy brief explores the concept of civilian protection and how it applies to the ongoing Ivorian crisis, and conflict situations broadly. Specifically, it discusses the challenges of promoting civilian protection in La Cote d’Ivoire and suggests ways of dealing with it. We argue that there is the need for the international community to pay particular attention to the issue of civilian protection in order to reduce civilian casualties while the conflict lasts.
  • cote d'ivoire,
  • peacekeeping,
  • war crimes,
  • civilian protection,
  • ivorian crisis
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Emmanuel Kwesi Aning, Samuel Atuobi and Naila Salihu. "Protecting Civilians in La Cote d’Ivoire: Addressing Unanswered Questions" (2011)
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