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Who Owns the News? Discussant Comments
IPRIA, CMCL & MBS CITE Public Seminar (2010)
  • Kwanghui Lim, Melbourne Business School

Discussant Comments (video and slides) for a panel on the future of the News.

News Corporation is about to start charging for online access to its news. It says the future of old media in the digital age is that consumers will pay for online news content in a similar way as for hard copy ‘newspapers' – and it seems to be far from alone in its plans. But is this a sound approach in legal and business terms? The question is examined by a distinguished panel of legal and economic experts.


Follow the link on this page for a pdf file of my presentation

  • newspapers,
  • innovation,
  • survival,
  • news corporation,
  • internet distribution,
  • ipria,
  • cmcl
Publication Date
July 9, 2010
Citation Information
Kwanghui Lim. "Who Owns the News? Discussant Comments" IPRIA, CMCL & MBS CITE Public Seminar (2010)
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