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The Green Growth Knowledge Economy: Implications for Technology and Design Teachers
Current Trends in Technology and Society (2012)
  • Kurt W Seemann, Southern Cross University
  • Jason Newcombe, Southern Cross University
  • Angela F Turner, Southern Cross University

How societies learn, design and develop a green growth focus in knowledge innovations are the keys to sustainable economic and social development. The unique characteristics of knowledge and the dynamics of the knowledge economy mean that, whether we like it or not, a cultural change is required from thinking in terms of production to thinking in terms of innovation. Inevitably, the teaching and learning of green knowledge innovations is a key factor for determining how well societies will sustain a quality life in the emerging resource constraints that populations face. This chapter outlines key ideas underpinning the nature of a knowledge economy as it applies to Technology and Design teachers, and offers insights for how such areas of knowledge drive our quality of life.

  • Innovation,
  • workplace education
Publication Date
Summer April 1, 2012
Rick vanderZwan
Primrose Hall
Citation Information
Kurt W Seemann, Jason Newcombe and Angela F Turner. "The Green Growth Knowledge Economy: Implications for Technology and Design Teachers" 1stBrisbaneCurrent Trends in Technology and Society Vol. 1 (2012)
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