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Grand Central: A part of PBS American Experience series
Sociology & Anthropology Faculty Book and Media Gallery
  • Michael Epstein
  • Kurt Schlichting, Fairfield University

Written, directed and produced by Michael Epstein

Academic advisors, Kurt Schlichting, T. J. Stiles

Narrated by Joe Morton; Director of photography, Michael Chin; Editor, Kris Liem; Music, Joel Goodman; Visual effects director, Tim D'Amico.

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Kurt Schlichting is an Academic Advisor/Historian and on-screen Commentator. The one-hour film tells the dramatic story of the famous landmark's construction through interviews with historians, architects, and engineers, while weaving in contemporary portraits from present day New Yorkers who describe their personal connections to Grand Central. Distributed by PBS Distribution. (60 minutes).
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Grand Central: A part of PBS American Expereince series (DVD-2008) Kurt Schlichting Credit: Academic Advisor, on-screen commentator.


Copyright 2008 PBS, WGBH Educational Foundation.

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Michael Epstein and Kurt Schlichting. "Grand Central: A part of PBS American Experience series" (2008)
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