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An Automated Reclassification Project at the University of Kentucky
Cataloging & Classification Quarterly (2000)
  • Nancy Lewis, University of Kentucky
  • Kate Seago, University of Kentucky
The University of Kentucky Libraries began use of the Library of Congress Classification System in 1978, leaving the bulk of their older material in the Dewey Classification System. In 1992 during the planning for the new Young Library, the opportunity arose to complete the reclassification of the collection from Dewey to Library of Congress. This paper outlines the process used to reclassify the collection. Unique features of this project were the reliance on automation to reduce the number of person hours needed for reclassifying the materials and the minimal disruption of services to users.
  • Reclassification,
  • Automation,
  • Classification,
  • DDC,
  • LCC,
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Nancy Lewis and Kate Seago. "An Automated Reclassification Project at the University of Kentucky" Cataloging & Classification Quarterly Vol. 28 Iss. 4 (2000)
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