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Channel plasmon-polariton modes in V grooves filled with dielectric
Journal of Applied Physics (2008)
  • Kristy Vernon
  • D K Gramotnev
  • D F P Pile
We investigated the effect of dielectric filling in a V groove on the propagation parameters of channel plasmon-polariton (CPP) modes. In particular, existence conditions and critical groove angles, mode localization, field structure, dispersion, and propagation distances of CPP modes are analyzed as functions of dielectric permittivity inside the groove. It is demonstrated that increasing dielectric permittivity in the groove results in a rapid increase of mode localization near the tip of the groove and increase of both the critical angles that determine a range of groove angles for which CPP modes can exist. Detailed analysis of the field structure has demonstrated that the maximum of the field in a CPP mode is typically reached at a small distance from the tip of the groove. The effect of rounded tip is also investigated.
  • Channel plasmonpolariton modes (CPP),
  • Groove angles,
  • Mode localization,
  • Field structure,
  • Critical angles
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Kristy Vernon, D K Gramotnev and D F P Pile. "Channel plasmon-polariton modes in V grooves filled with dielectric" Journal of Applied Physics Vol. 103 (2008) ISSN: 0021-8979
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