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Books Authored by Wright State Faculty/Staff
  • Kristin D. Sobolik, Wright State University - Main Campus
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Inclusion of botanical and zoological remains in archaeological analysis has dramatically increased since the advent of the New Archaeology. Yet most archaeologists have a limited knowledge of what archaeobiologists do and how their work can improve archaeological research and interpretation. In this handy volume, Kristin Sobolik outlines the major activities of archaeobiologists, the kinds of analyses they can provide to an archaeological project, and how biological specialists could and should be involved in project design and implementation. She also outlines factors that influence preservation of plant and animal remains and how project archaeologists should properly collect and analyze specimens. This brief work is an important guide for students starting in archaeobiology and for other archaeologists who use their work.
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Altamira Press
  • Archaeology,
  • Archaeobiology,
  • Zooarchaeology,
  • Taphonomy
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Kristin D. Sobolik. Archaeobiology. Lanham(2003)
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