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The Association Between HIV Status and Homelessness Among Veterans in Care
Journal of Community Psychology (2015)
  • Torjo Ghose
  • Adam J Gordon
  • Stephen Metraux, University of the Sciences in Philadelphia
  • Kristin M Mattocks
  • Joseph J Goulet
  • Maria C Rodriguez-Barradas
  • Nancy L Day
  • Oni Blackstock
  • Amy C Justice
Veterans seeking care in the Department of Veterans Affairs Health Care System (VA) tend to be older, poorer, and less educated and present with more acute physical illnesses, mental illness, and substance use compared to both nonveterans as well as veterans not in treatment (Kazis et al., 1998; Randall, Kilpatrick, Pendergast, Jones, & Vogel, 1987). Given that these are risk factors for homelessness, and that homelessness has been found to be associated with HIV infection in the general population (Aidala & Sumartojo, 2007), it follows that homelessness and HIV infection are salient issues for veterans in VA care. Compared to other healthcare institutions, the VA provides services that are more comprehensive, are of superior quality, rely on a better information management system, and are more likely to address the needs of vulnerable clients (Kazis et al., 1998). It is possible, therefore, that while homelessness and HIV status are correlated in most populations, the positive association is weaker among VA patients because of the services they receive in the VA care environment. There is a dearth of scholarship, however, examining this association among veterans: A literature review failed to identify any study examining HIV and homelessness in this population in the last decade. Consequently, little is known about homelessness and HIV status among VA patients who comprise a particularly vulnerable section of the veteran population. Addressing this need, this research examines the association between HIV status and homelessness in the Veterans Aging Cohort Study (VACS), a sample of 6,819 HIV-positive and HIV-negative veterans attending the general medical clinic of eight VAs across the country.
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Torjo Ghose, Adam J Gordon, Stephen Metraux, Kristin M Mattocks, et al.. "The Association Between HIV Status and Homelessness Among Veterans in Care" Journal of Community Psychology (2015)
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