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Classroom Dynamic Assessment of Reading Comprehension with Second Language Learners
Language and Sociocultural Theory (2014)
  • Kristin Davin, Loyola University Chicago

This study examines the design and implementation of a dynamic reading compre- hension task (D-RCT) for classroom use with second language learners. A paper and pencil D-RCT was designed that could be: (1) utilized on a regular basis, (2) adapted to any content, and (3) easily implemented in classrooms where access to technology is limited. The teacher in the present work utilized pre-scripted mediation prompts during the D-RCT that were assigned a numerical value to calculate four scores for each individual student: an actual score, a mediated score, a learning potential score, and a mediation value score. The present study describes the assessment design and analyzes scoring procedures to determine their potential for classroom application. The authors conclude that D-RCTs should be used as a learning tool in second lan- guage classrooms and suggest recommendations for scoring procedures.

  • dynamic assessment,
  • learning potential score,
  • interventionist
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Kristin Davin. "Classroom Dynamic Assessment of Reading Comprehension with Second Language Learners" Language and Sociocultural Theory Vol. 1 Iss. 1 (2014)
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