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About Kristin Andrews, Ph.D.

My work examines the relationship between language and cognitive capacities. By considering the behavior of nonhuman animals who lack language, we can gain a better explanation of how we might engage in similar behaviors in domains such as social cognition, moral cognition, reasoning, teaching, communication, etc. The glaring presence of language can blind us, leading us to offer explanations of interesting behaviors in terms of linguistic abilities when veiled capacities may be doing all the work behind the scenes.


Present Associate Professor of Philosophy, York University
Present Content Contributor, The Animal Studies Repository

Curriculum Vitae

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Honors and Awards

  • Canadian Philosophical Association Book Prize for "Do Apes Read Minds: Toward a New Folk Psychology"
  • Western Michigan University Distinguished Alumni Award


  • Phil 4084 Animals and Mind
  • Phil 6370 Philosophy of Cognitive Science: Animal Cognition

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