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Chimpanzee Theory of Mind: Looking in All the Wrong Places?
  • Kristin Andrews, York University
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I respond to an argument presented by Daniel Povinelli and Jennifer Vonk that the current generation of experiments on chimpanzee theory of mind cannot decide whether chimpanzees have the ability to reason about mental states. I argue that Povinelli and Vonk’s proposed experiment is subject to their own criticisms and that there should be a more radical shift away from experiments that ask subjects to predict behavior. Further, I argue that Povinelli and Vonk’s theoretical commitments should lead them to accept this new approach, and that experiments which offer subjects the opportunity to look for explanations for anomalous behavior should be explored.

This file contains a post-print version of the article, which has the same content as the final edited version but is not formatted according to the layout of the published journal.

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Andrews, K. (2005). Chimpanzee theory of mind: Looking in all the wrong places?. Mind & Language, 20(5), 521-536.