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Prioritization & Workflow Management Birds Of A Feather Session
Library Reports and Communication
  • Kristin Kerbavaz, Grand Valley State University
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The following is a revised protocol based on assessment of the birds of a feather session held as part of University Libraries Convocation, 11 August 2020. The session was held in response to staff concerns about prioritization and workflow management during the COVID-19 pandemic, and was held over Zoom.

This was a peer-led session that was not affiliated with any organizational prioritization efforts or budget conversations. It is recommended that anyone wishing to replicate the session consider the power dynamics between facilitator and attendee, and revise as necessary to best fit your organizational context.

  • Libraries,
  • Workflow Management,
  • Prioritization
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Kristin Kerbavaz. "Prioritization & Workflow Management Birds Of A Feather Session" (2020)
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