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Strategic Planning: Plan-to-plan documentation
Library Reports and Communication
  • Kristin Meyer, Grand Valley State University
  • Scarlet Galvan, Grand Valley State University
  • Kristin Kerbavaz, Grand Valley State University
  • Kim Ranger, Grand Valley State University
  • Annie Bélanger, Grand Valley State University
Publication Date

As part of the strategic planning process begun in 2020, the Grand Valley State University Libraries Strategic Planning Team developed a collection of planning-to-plan documentation to support the development of a new strategic planning framework. This documentation includes descriptions of the project and scope, the strategic planning team and their roles, and the timeline for the planning process. It also outlines the design principles that will guide the planning process and the ways that the team will incorporate methodologies like SOAR, North Star, and Design Thinking.

  • Strategic Planning,
  • Libraries,
  • SOAR
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Citation Information
Kristin Meyer, Scarlet Galvan, Kristin Kerbavaz, Kim Ranger, et al.. "Strategic Planning: Plan-to-plan documentation" (2020)
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