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Data in Development: An Overview of Microdata on Developing Countries
IASSIST Quarterly
  • Kristi Anne Thompson, University of Windsor
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  • developing countries
Finding quality microdata on developing countries can seem problematic as their national infrastructures may not support large-scale surveys. In fact a variety of organizations are collecting and distributing data, though the types of data and reasons for collection often differ from those in the most developed countries. Much of the data is collected by groups involved in, or interested in researching, the field of international development. This paper provides an introduction to the different groups involved with collecting data on developing countries and to the data they collect, including population, health and welfare surveys, program assessments, finance, and opinion data.

This article was first published in IASSIST Quarterly.

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Kristi Anne Thompson. "Data in Development: An Overview of Microdata on Developing Countries" IASSIST Quarterly Vol. 33 Iss. 4 (2009) p. 25 - 30
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