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Ontario Association for Behaviour Analysis 2022 Annual Conference (2022)
  • Albert Malkin
  • Laura Mullins
  • Priscilla Burnham Riosa
  • Kristi Thompson
  • Allison Kretschmer
  • Qi Wan
Naturalistic observation of verbal behaviour on social media is a novel method of gathering data on the acceptability of topics of social interest. In other words, online social opinion is a modern-day measure of social validity. We sought to gain an objective understanding of online discourse related to the field of applied behaviour analysis. We conducted an analysis of Twitter posts related to Applied Behavior Analysis (e.g., #ABA, #BehaviorAnalysis, #appliedbehaviouranalysis). Our initial sample consisted of 110,008 Tweets from the past ten years (2012 – 2022). We selected a random subset (n = 6715) for further analysis using a stratified sampling procedure to ensure that Tweets across years were adequately represented. Two observers were trained to code Tweets for relevance and sentiment toward the field. We will discuss trends regarding the valence (i.e., positive, negative, neutral) of relevant ABA Tweets toward the field in the broad context of observed Tweets. We will suggest some potential paths forward.
Publication Date
December, 2022
Citation Information
Albert Malkin, Laura Mullins, Priscilla Burnham Riosa, Kristi Thompson, et al.. "#ExploratoryAnalysisOfSentimentTowardABAonTwitter" Ontario Association for Behaviour Analysis 2022 Annual Conference (2022)
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