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Reducing Risk: An Introduction to Survey Data Anonymization
Portage Network Webinar Series (2020)
  • Kristi Thompson
This webinar is intended to provide an accessible and practical introduction to the theory and concepts behind data anonymization, looking specifically at anonymization of survey microdata. Topics covered will include an overview of identifiers and quasi-identifiers, an introduction to k-anonymity, a look at some cases where k-anonymity breaks down, and anonymization hierarchies. The presenter will describe a method to assess a survey dataset for anonymization using standard statistical software. Much of the academic material looking at data anonymization is quite abstract and aimed at computer scientists, while material aimed at data curators does not always consider recent developments. This webinar is intended to help bridge the gap.
Publication Date
July 7, 2020
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Kristi Thompson. "Reducing Risk: An Introduction to Survey Data Anonymization" Portage Network Webinar Series (2020)
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