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Near Field Communication: Introduction and Implications
SLA Nonprofit Section and the Consortium of Foundation Libraries (2012)
  • Sheli McHugh, University of Scranton
  • Kristen A. Yarmey, University of Scranton

Near Field Communication (NFC) is an emerging technology that allows devices and objects to transmit information wirelessly across a small distance. While it has many commercial applications (e.g., using your cell phone as a credit card at the grocery store), NFC could also have future applications for libraries as an intuitive way to derive digital meaning from the physical world. Placing particular attention to the needs of philanthropies, research institutions, and other nonprofit organizations, this presentation will introduce NFC technology and its potential uses in libraries, from frictionless fundraising and information sharing to peer-to-peer loaning and self checkout.

  • NFC,
  • near field communication,
  • libraries,
  • smart books,
  • smart objects
Publication Date
Summer July 25, 2012
Citation Information
Sheli McHugh and Kristen A. Yarmey. "Near Field Communication: Introduction and Implications" SLA Nonprofit Section and the Consortium of Foundation Libraries (2012)
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