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Near Field Communication: Introduction and Implications
Journal of Web Librarianship (2012)
  • Sheli McHugh, University of Scranton
  • Kristen A. Yarmey, University of Scranton

Near Field Communication is an emerging technology that allows objects, such as mobile phones, computers, tags, or posters, to exchange information wirelessly across a small distance. Though primarily associated with mobile payment, NFC has many different potential commercial applications, ranging from marketing to nutrition, transportation, gaming, and health care. In libraries, NFC could enhance outreach and existing services such as self-checkout. More importantly, NFC also serves as a new way to link physical materials with digital information, potentially transforming the way users interact with the information environment. This introduction to Near Field Communication will address its background and functionality, its current and anticipated commercial applications, and its potential impact on libraries, librarians, and library patrons. The article will also discuss the time frame for mainstream adoption as well as the privacy and security concerns relating to this new technology. Publication expected in the Journal of Web Librarianship, Vol. 6, No. 3 (August 2012)

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Sheli McHugh and Kristen A. Yarmey. "Near Field Communication: Introduction and Implications" Journal of Web Librarianship Vol. 6 Iss. 3 (2012)
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