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About Kristen Harknett

Kristen Harknett is an Associate Professor of Sociology and a Research Associate of the Population Studies Center at the University of Pennsylvania.
Her research interests include economic influences on marriage, cohabitation, and childbearing; the causes and consequences of lacking material and emotional support from friends and family; and the influence of sex ratio imbalances and other aspects of social context on romantic relationships and childbearing.
Some of her current research projects include:
(1) How macroeconomic conditions in the U.S. influence relationship formation, quality, and stability
(2) Economic Circumstances and Family Formation in Cross-National Perspective
(3) Do Support Environments Influence Fertility Intentions? Evidence from 25 European Countries


Present Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Pennsylvania
Present Research Associate of the Population Studies Center, University of Pennsylvania

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Contact Information

271 McNeil Building
3718 Locust Walk
Philadelphia, PA 19104
phone: 215 573 9388
fax: 215 573 2081


Macro Demographic, Economic, and Policy Influences on Family Formation and Functioning (9)

Social Support (5)

Well-being of Children (2)