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Yellowstone Youth Conservation Corps Resource Education Curriculum
  • Kristen A Schulte, Ms.
  • Ana Houseal, Dr., University of Wyoming

Our country’s first National Park is home to the Yellowstone’s Youth Conservation Corps (YELL-YCC), a residential youth employment program founded on service learning concepts implemented through stewardship projects. Education is an integrated into all projects, through the Resource Education Curriculum (REC). This curriculum consists of 17 one-hour lessons developed to enhance the YELL-YCC experience.

The REC was developed for 8th-12th grade students in outdoor settings, divided into groups of 4-6 students each, highlighting specific concepts related to the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, but is adaptable in group size, level, and content. The REC is divided into five themes: leadership, cultural heritage, ecological relationships, stewardship, and sustainability. They are designed to be printed (double-sided) on 8.5 X 11” card stock. The pages need to be cut in half and sorted before being taken into the field.

  • Yellowstone,
  • Curriculum,
  • Ecological Relationships,
  • Sustainability,
  • Stewardship,
  • Leadership,
  • Cultural Heritage,
  • Youth Corps,
  • Youth Conservation Corps
Publication Date
Spring March, 2014
Citation Information
Schulte, Kristen and Houseal, Ana K., "Resource Education Curriculum" (2014). Yellowstone Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) Resource Education Curriculum (REC) 2014.