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Youth Corps Foster Scientific Inquiry
The Children & Nature Network, Natural Leaders Network (2013)
  • Kristen A Schulte, Ms.

Staring confusedly at her Youth Corps Crew Leader, Kelley could not understand how to install a preventative trail erosion structure. Finally, the Crew Leader told her to get an orange out of her backpack and roll it down the trail. He said, “Water acts like that orange. Get the orange to roll off the trail and water will too.” After trying this several times, the concepts of gravity, angles, and motion came to the surface of her mind. “So it’s like physics?” Experiences like this demonstrate that Youth Corps can contribute to understanding of scientific ideas by providing opportunities for inquiry in nature.

Publication Date
Fall September 5, 2013
Citation Information
Kristen A Schulte. "Youth Corps Foster Scientific Inquiry" The Children & Nature Network, Natural Leaders Network (2013)
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