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Youth participation in changing food systems: Toward food justice youth development
Society for Applied Anthropology (2014)
  • Krista Harper, University of Massachusetts - Amherst
  • Catherine Sands
  • Diego Angarita
  • Molly Totman
  • Nuestras Raíces Youth Group, Nuestras Raíces Youth Group
We present results from a youth participatory action research (YPAR) project in which young people from Holyoke studied the school food system in order to make positive interventions in their school district. We used the Photovoice research method, placing cameras in the hands of youth so that they themselves could document and discuss their concerns and perspectives (Wang, et al., 1996). The research was designed to gain insight about the students’ knowledge of food, nutrition, and community food systems. The research also illuminated students’ impressions of public policy, active citizenship, and community building that have arisen out of food justice efforts. Ginwright and Cammarota's "social justice youth development (SJYD)" framework provides a useful lens on our own work (2002). By analyzing specific moments in the YPAR project on Holyoke's school food system, we articulate our own framework for "food justice youth development (FJYD)." Participatory visual research afforded opportunities for young people to develop sensory awareness, to critique stereotypes applied to them, and to gain insights on policy processes and social change in the food justice policy arena.
  • youth development,
  • food justice,
  • Holyoke
Publication Date
March 19, 2014
Citation Information
Krista Harper, Catherine Sands, Diego Angarita, Molly Totman, et al.. "Youth participation in changing food systems: Toward food justice youth development" Society for Applied Anthropology (2014)
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