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Unpublished Paper
PSU Public Safety Survey_Bend_2017_FINAL.pdf
  • Greg Stewart, Portland Police Bureau
  • Kris R. Henning, Portland State University
This report provides the results of a recent community survey in Bend Oregon. The purpose of the survey was to provide feedback on the Bend Police Department's recent performance in achieving their community-oriented goals from the agency's 2015-2020 strategic plan. Most of the residents surveyed report feeling safe in the city and the police received high performance ratings for being available when needed, dealing with problems that impact public safety, and for reducing crime. Likewise, residents who had been contacted by the police during traffic stops or investigations rated these interactions positively. Specific recommendations are offered in the report with regard to further improvements that could be made in police-community relations.
  • Public Safety,
  • Crime,
  • Police,
  • Public Attitudes
Publication Date
Spring May 15, 2017
Citation Information
Stewart, G. & Henning, K. (2017). Community attitudes regarding public safety in Bend, Oregon. Criminal Justice Policy and Research Institute, Portland State University.
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Creative Commons License
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