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Owen Jones and the Conventionalization of Ornament
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  • John Kresten Jespersen, Ph.D., Rhode Island College
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Owen Jones (1809-1874) a British architect and antiquarian is one of the great practicioners of ornament in the nineteenth century. This book looks at his theory and practice of the design of ornament as it influenced the pedagogy of design, the practice of architecture and the genesis of interior design.
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James P. Adams Library
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Owen Jones, an architect and theorist of ornament, is best remembered as an ornamenter of distinction. His theory and practice of conventional ornament, his powerful color, and his original forms which had their origins in the ornament of the Alhambra substantiate the claim that he was the greatest ornamenter of his age. The book analyzes the theory of conventionalization as it applies to ornament, color, architecture and interior design. In particular, the book explores repose as the psychological and spiritual outcome of his ornament.
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John Kresten Jespersen. "Owen Jones and the Conventionalization of Ornament" (1988)
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