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Photoreactive Crystalline Quasiracemates
Chemical Communications (2010)
  • Rebecca C. Grove, Eastern Illinois University
  • Steven H. Malehorn, Eastern Illinois University
  • Meghan E. Breen, Eastern Illinois University
  • Kraig A. Wheeler, Eastern Illinois University

Rationally designed racemic and quasiracemic sulfonamidecinnamic acids assemble to give hydrogen-bonded dimers with coplanar alignment of neighboring olefins. The quasiracemate phase contains near inversion-related motifs with chemically distinct components forming supramolecular heterodimers that undergo asymmetric photodimerization.

Publication Date
August, 2010
Publisher Statement
The final version of this article is available at | DOI: 10.1039/c0cc02775h. Reproduced by permission of the Royal Society of Chemistry.
Citation Information
Rebecca C. Grove, Steven H. Malehorn, Meghan E. Breen and Kraig A. Wheeler. "Photoreactive Crystalline Quasiracemates" Chemical Communications Vol. 46 (2010)
Available at: