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About Kraig A. Wheeler

One remaining Holy Grail in Science is the prediction of material structure based solely on chemical composition. Since the physical properties of materials e.g. color, magnetism, solubility,etc., originate from the organization of the fundamental building blocks (atoms and molecules), an intimate understanding of the forces that determine material structure is of great importance.
Dr. Wheeler's laboratory seeks to understand and engineer molecular crystals with functional properties. Areas of interest include:
• Molecular shape as a design tool for the construction of predictable structural aggregates;
• Crystalline architectures with functional properties (e.g. nanoporous, NLO materials, and solid-state reactivity);
• Hydrogen bond specificity of chemical systems with multiple acceptor and donor groups; and
• Enantiocontrolled UV initiated crystal reactions.


Present Professor, Eastern Illinois University


Research Interests

Supramolecular Chemistry and X-ray Crystallography

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  • CHM2440/2840 - Organic Chemistry I and II Lecture
  • CHM2445/2845 - Organic Chemistry I and II Laboratory
  • CHM4915 - Advanced Laboratory
  • CHM5420 - Modern Organic Chemistry

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