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Youth Poets [Book Review by E. Dixon-Roman & D. Vasudevan]
  • Korina Jocson, University of Massachusetts - Amherst
In Youth Poets: Empowering Literacies In and Out of Schools, Korina Jocson illuminates the role that reading, writing, and performing poetry plays in shaping young people’s lives. The author provides critical insight into adolescent literacy development, approaching her work from her perspective as a multicultural theorist, urban ethnographer, radical poet, and young educator. The book also serves as an ode to the Poetry for the People (P4P) program and its impact on college and high school students in California over the past decade. [excerpt]
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Dixon-Roman, E., & D. Vasudevan. (2012). A book review of Youth Poets: Empowering Literacies In and Out of Schools. Anthropology and Education Quarterly, 43, 121-123.