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Youth Media Matters: Participatory Cultures and Literacies in Education
  • Korina Jocson
In an information age of youth social movements, Youth Media Matters examines how young people are using new media technologies to tell stories about themselves and their social worlds. They do so through joint efforts in a range of educational settings and media environments, including high school classrooms, youth media organizations, and social media sites. Korina M. Jocson draws on various theories to show how educators can harness the power of youth media to provide new opportunities for meaningful learning and “do-it-together production.” Describing the impact that youth media can have on the broader culture, Jocson demonstrates how it supports expansive literacy practices and promotes civic engagement, particularly among historically marginalized youth.

*AESA 2019 Critics' Choice Book Award
  • youth media,
  • literacies,
  • education,
  • new media,
  • digital media & learning,
  • cultural studies,
  • youth studies
Publication Date
January, 2018
University of Minnesota Press
Citation Information
Korina Jocson. Youth Media Matters: Participatory Cultures and Literacies in Education. (2018)
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