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About Korcel M Price

At the heart of the proposal is the desire to move hiring, promoting, and firing practices to an external or internal third party, as means of creating a global culture that consistently applies the values of supra system’s organization.
The basis of the change seeks to empower individual to take advantage of the inherent properties in a system to influence the system in a more positive direction for the system itself. The ultimate goal is to achieve a learning organization equipped to better handle change as an organizational element.
This project is aimed at realizing the Learning Organization through employee mobility, empowerment and unity. The intended outcome is for employees to be more motivated to take advantage of career security opportunities and a “two feet” policy that can help employees find where they are able to make the best contribution to the organization.
Korcel Price’s educational background is a well-rounded compilation that includes 5 degrees; three separate Associates include Liberal Arts, General Studies, and a separate Degree for Transfer, a Bachelors of Science, and an in progress Master’s education in leadership. Mr. Price has a couple of industry recognized certificates including Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and is a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP). Mr. Price has also earned a couple of certificates achieved for nothing else than satisfying his own desire for knowledge and professional accreditation. These achievements include a Certificate in Mixology, and being a certified Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA). Korcel is an expert Engineer and Analyst with 10 years or more experience with diverse IT systems and corporate human systems.


Present Faculty Member, Walden University

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