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Session B-2: Pirates: Past and Present
Professional Learning Day
  • Kitty Lam, Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy
Session Number
Start Date
3-3-2017 9:35 AM
End Date
3-3-2017 10:35 AM
  • piracy,
  • maritime trade,
  • maritime law,
  • naval history,
  • South China Sea,
  • Indian Ocean,
  • Caribbean
Piracy has endured for as long as maritime trade has existed. From the ancient Mediterranean world to the modern-day Somali coast, pirates have threatened merchant ships. The legacy of piracy has inspired countless songs, poems, novels, and movies. Who were pirates? What did they want? Where did they go? How did they interact with states? Students have internalized stereotypes about pirates from popular culture, but rarely consider these questions about piracy. This workshop will examine the significance of piracy in world history through texts and visual material. Case studies will be global, but focus on the early modern period.
Citation Information
Kitty Lam. "Session B-2: Pirates: Past and Present" (2017)
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