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Professional Practice for Foundation Doctors
  • Judy McKimm, Swansea University
  • Kirsty Forrest, Macquarie University, Sydney
This book is designed to support trainee doctors during the Foundation Stage of postgraduate training, including preparation and application for Specialty Training posts, and covers the generic (non-clinical) aspects of postgraduate education, training and professional development. It shows trainees how the 'generic skills' fit into professional practice and development and how the knowledge base provided by the book underpins professional practice.

The book will assist the development of the knowledge, skills and competences required for good medical practice and uses case studies, activities and policy examples to illustrate key learning points.
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J. McKimm and K. Forrest
Learning Maters
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McKimm, J., & Forrest, K. (Eds.). (2011). Professional Practice for Foundation Doctors. Becoming Tomorrow's Doctors Series. Exeter, UK: Learning Maters

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Judy McKimm and Kirsty Forrest. Professional Practice for Foundation Doctors. Exeter, UK(2011)
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