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Unpublished Paper
False and Misleading Campaign Speech and the Need for Reform
ExpressO (2010)
  • Kirsten L Wilcox
This article examines the prevalence of false and misleading speech in political campaigns and the role of the media in proliferating this false speech. Four examples of false speech from the 2008 presidential campaign are considered, as well as the effects of that speech. The media contributes to the problem of false speech when it fails to correct false statements and repeats misleading claims. Several solutions are proposed for decreasing the amount of false or misleading speech in campaigns, including better fact checking, public service announcements, coverage restrictions and a ratings system.
  • defamation,
  • free speech
Publication Date
March 9, 2010
Citation Information
Kirsten L Wilcox. "False and Misleading Campaign Speech and the Need for Reform" ExpressO (2010)
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