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About Kirsten Jarrett

Specialising in the archaeology of Roman and Early Medieval Southwest Britain and archaeology of late 19th and early 20th century everyday life in the British Midlands. Research focuses upon household and landscape archaeologies; archaeologies of national and community identities; archaeologies of poverty and inequality, class and social mobility; archaeology of clothing and personal ornamentation

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

Roman and Early Medieval Archaeology, Archaeology of early 20th century households, Archaeology of Identity, and Archaeology of Memory

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Honors and Awards

  • Associate of the Institute for Archaeology

Roman (4)

Late Antique (4)

Early Medieval (4)

Ethnic identity (3)

National identity (2)

Post-colonial studies (2)

'Romanisation' (2)

'Celtic revival' (2)

'Nativism' (2)